Car Dealers in Indianapolis Urge Buyers to Take Care of Their Vehicles

There's nothing more frustrating than having to pull over to fix your car while you're in a hurry going to the office. This happens to a lot of Hoosiers every day, especially those who don't give their cars proper care. Every car owner must know that owning a vehicle comes with the tough duty to keep it in top shape or else it's going to break down when least expected. 

Kelly Blue Book provides ten easy tips on how you can give your car the care it deserves. Some of these can be done at your own garage, while the rest requires the help of a skilled technician. Luckily, if you bought your car from one of the established car dealerships in Indianapolis, such as Fletcher Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, you have the chance to have it regularly checked and maintained by professional technicians in their service center.


One of the vital car maintenance tasks you have to routinely attend to is changing the oil of your vehicle. Oil change is crucial because the quality of oil affects the performance of your vehicle. Also, dirty oil can cause particulates to rub on the surface of the engine components, leading to serious wear and tear. If you're not sure of the proper way to change and dispose of your engine's old oil, better take your car to a service center that provides express lane fast oil change.

Besides oil, another essential substance in your car that requires changing is grease. Keep in mind that a significant number of your car's parts is designed to be in constant motion, rubbing against one another, when the car is running. Grease lessens the effect of friction and therefore prolongs the life of your car. Regardless of its model or whether it's the most expensive unit offered by Indianapolis Jeep dealers, all vehicles need adequate greasing to survive.

Caring for your car should not end in the garage or in the service center. In fact, most of it must take place on the road when you're driving or even when you're parking. For instance, it's advisable that you avoid driving on an uneven terrain. This could cause your tires to wear unevenly as well, producing vibrations that can harm your suspension components. If possible, have your car checked by a professional technician at least twice a year.

Knowing the best car maintenance practices will prolong the life of your vehicle. This can save you thousands of dollars by keeping you from buying a new car every now and then and paying for constant repair. Finally, it helps to purchase the car from a reliable dealership that provides state-of-the-art maintenance services.
(Source: Top Ten Car Care Tips, Kelley Blue Book)

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