How to Properly Inspect a Car from Car Dealerships in Indianapolis

Much like any big-ticket purchase, you have to take into account every feature of any car you're planning to purchase. For most cars buyers in Indianapolis, where a car is an everyday necessity in terms of mobility, this need becomes even more apparent when it comes to buying a used car. When considering a prospective car from car dealerships in Indianapolis such as Fletcher Dodge Jeep Ram, it pays to keep these tips in mind.


Checking the Exterior

Once you've decided on a particular make and model, it is best to personally inspect the car from the inside out. Starting from the exterior, examine the car for any rust, scratches, dents, irregularities in the paint job, and the presence of leaks. See if the doors, hood, and trunk are in working condition by opening and closing them firmly. You can also check whether the suspension is fine by looking at whether the car is equally leveled and by bouncing the corners of the car.

The Interior

After checking the car's exterior, you can then proceed to inspect what's on the inside. Look for any signs of wear and tear, particularly on the car seats. Cars with low mileage normally do not have weathered-looking upholstery, so anything that points to the contrary should be a red flag. Likewise, check if all the indicator lights and instruments are in working order; same goes for the sound system, air conditioning, and windows.

Test Driving

One of the crucial things you have to do before purchasing a car would be to test it on the road. An experienced Dodge dealer in Indianapolis like Fletcher Dodge Jeep Ram would know that a car's performance is essential for any would-be car owner, and as such, they provide their customers the chance to get to know the cars they're eyeing by offering test drives. While you're on the driver's seat, take note if the car is handling the way you want it to. In other words, the steering wheel, pedals, and clutch must be responsive.

You might also want to bring an experienced mechanic or automotive enthusiast to help you conduct the preliminary inspection. If the prospective vehicle passes all these tests, and you feel comfortable about the results, you can now confer with the car dealer about the terms of the purchase. Being meticulous certainly pays when it comes to inspecting an automobile that you are buying with your heard-earned money.

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