Best Value: Buy Used Cars in Indianapolis Offer Practical Advantages

You only have two realistic choices when purchasing your vehicle: buy it brand new from the dealership, or buy it used. With the range of various makes and models for used cars in Indianapolis, going for a used car can sometimes be the better option for the cash-strapped car buyer. If you're looking to get the best value for your money, consider buying a used car that is, ideally, less than five years old. Sign up for an extended warranty so that you can have financial backup should repairs be needed during the warranty period.


The ideal car to choose for purchase would be in the three to four-year old range. This is because a lot of cars depreciate in value by 40 to 50 percent after the first year, and the depreciation rate drops after that. What this means is that buying a brand-new car will cost nearly double than that of a four or five-year old car of the same model. For example, a $30,000 new car from four years ago may now only be worth $15,000. This can mean a lot of savings for you.

Depreciation isn't the only thing that indirectly benefits you when you buy used. Insurance fees are always attached when you buy a car. These fees are higher when you are buying a new vehicle. When registering a new car, the fee is usually higher in the first three years. After that, you can expect the payment to be lower.  Used cars also have lower insurance rates; brand-new vehicles need to be insured more because their value is higher, while used vehicles have been "road-proven" whose value has somehow settled.  

The financial benefits of buying a used car can count for far more than buying new. With a new car, you're limited to certain types or car models, according to your budget. Choosing a used car may be just the opposite; you have a whole lot of choices and even step up to an otherwise pricey model that could cost a lot less for the used version.

Another benefit for buying used is that many of these used cars have some cool features thrown into the package by their sellers or previous owners. Extra things like rustproofing and added equipment would figure into the selling price, and there is no need to get new ones in the meantime. Visit your local used car dealers to see what's available.

The range of top-notch used cars for sale in Indianapolis from dealers like Fletcher Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, can make it quite challenging to choose, but you can be sure that there's one out there to meet your needs.

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